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VizLite Dual Technology is a combination of phosphorescent and reflective technologies and is a revolution in safety.

Currently Hi Viz garments rely on florescent fabrics to enhance the wearers visibility in day light, and retro-reflective materials to reflect back vehicle headlights in darkness. VizLite Dual Technology phosphorescence offers a third level of protection, when there is low light or no light, by giving off an intense glow for up to 8 hours, without the use of batteries. VizLite Dual Technology phosphorescence is charged by ultra violet light after five to ten minutes exposure.  There is a range of VizLite Dual Technology products to meet the needs of the global safety market.

3 Types Of Protection


This type of technology absorbs and re-emits light energy immediately, to increase visibility in daylight. These bright fabrics make the wearer more conspicuous.


Reflects light back to the source, usually vehicle headlights, to make the wearer visible in the dark. This technology relies on a light source.


Absorbs UV light energy from either natural or artificial light, which it them re-emits as a glow in low light and dark conditions.

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What Is Vizlite DT?

VizLite Dual Technology when incorporated into a certified EN ISO E20471 or ANSI 107 Hi Visibility garments, offer the wearer three levels of protection. Watch our video below for an introduction to it.

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