10 Reasons to use VizLite™ DT

1. Increases Visibility

VizLite™ DT offers an extra layer of visibility in areas of low light and darkness unlike normal reflective tape that relies on a secondary light source such as car headlights, VizLite DT works when there is no light source.

2. No Batteries Required

VizLite™ DT charges by exposure to UV light, either natural or artificial. It quickly reaches its full charge in 5-10 minutes and will glow for up to eight hours with the first hour being the brightest.

3. Innovation in Safety

This patent pending technology is a real breakthrough in safety. It has been developed and brought to market by a UK company. It is now being used by forward thinking companies in the Rail, Traffic Management, Construction, Aggregates and Police sectors.

4. It’s An Award Winner

VizLite™ DT is a multi-award winning product including Winner of the Future Materials award for innovation in Clothing 2015; PPE Innovation of the Year award at Professional Clothing Awards 2016 – V360 Range clothing from Shield360 Incorporating VizLite™ DT Technology; Voted favourite product among visitors to Trust Pet Products Trade Show 2017.

5. Independent Certification

Certified to meet and exceed global standards including the areas of Photo Luminescence, FR Protection,
Antistatic, Arc Protection, ANSI 107 and ISO20471 High Visibility, Oeko-Tex with testing undertaken at SATRA, BTTG, ArcWear, UL, Centrocot, VTEC Laboratories Inc. and Shirley Technologies.

6. No Ongoing Maintenance

VizLite™ DT has no mechanical or electrical parts that can malfunction and does not rely on users having to carry out maintenance. It is simply ready to go when you are, with no on or off switch!

7. Versatility – It’s Not Just For Work Wear

Through collaboration with Branding, Sportswear, Equestrian, Lifestyle and Pet Markets, VizLite™ DT has demonstrated to be a unique safety solution offering the potential to enhance personal safety while taking part in the activities we love.

8. You Can Launder On The Garment

VizLite™ DT has been formulated to meet a range of laundry conditions including domestic wash, tumble dry, dry clean and industrial laundry. It has been independently tested by SATRA to ensure that performance is not affected by the laundry methods commonly used.

9. Evolving Product

Through constant re-evaluation of our customer’s performance requirements and ongoing research and development, Viz is developing new VizLite™ DT products to meet the needs of the FR and Industrial Laundry markets.

10. Join The Safety Revolution

VizLite™ DT is far more that a just USP or novelty, it offers a real opportunity to increase the visibility and therefor safety of workers around the world. Come join the safety revolution by adding VizLite DT to your products.

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