Viz Reflectives collaboration with MiRiCal Emblems to introduce VizLite DT branding

Here at Viz Reflectives we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with like minded innovative companies to develop new products and markets for our VizLite DT product. An excellent case in question is the partnership we have forged with MiRiCal  Emblems, whose area of expertise is  printed heat seal emblems.

Managing Director of UK-based MiRiCal Emblems Ltd, Jonathan Dul commented, “As soon as I saw VizLite DT, I knew that it would make an excellent substrate for a printed emblem and I wasted no time in getting in touch with Viz Reflectives Ltd through a mutual contact who was able to make an introduction for us. The first meeting took place in a matter of days and we wasted no time in getting a trial production and wash test set up to satisfy ourselves that VizLite DT was a product that we could put our name to.”

Following extensive testing at their headquarters near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, MiRiCal quickly developed a product now known as Light Source Emblems which uses VizLite DT as a substrate onto which a company logo or other message can be printed or one that can be cut to form individual letters to spell out a company name or job title. Light Source Emblems were launched for the first time at A+A 2017 in Düsseldorf from MiRiCal’s booth in Hall 10 which proved to be a fortuitous location because Viz Reflectives were only a few steps away in Hall 11 thus allowing visitors to be directed from one booth to another.

MiRiCal has now agreed Europe-wide exclusivity with Viz Reflectives for the use of VizLite DT as a logo or plotter-cut substrate and Light Source Emblems are now going from strength to strength as Mr Dul continued, “I knew immediately that VizLite DT had a number of significant advantages over conventional Silver Reflective for workers in low-light and no-light conditions such as firefighters, railway workers and airport apron staff. Thanks to our extensive European Sales Network, we have been able to get the technology in front of a large number of potential customers and we are working with them to introduce the technology to the end-customers as well.”

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