Centurion Safety has been providing head protection since the nineteenth century. The company have launched a new range of VizLite DT phosphorescent stickers for their range of helmets. The VizLite DT sticker kits are part of Centurions visibility accessories range. The kits comprise of 5 sheets of stickers, enough for five helmets. The stickers can be applied to the Centurions’ Nexus, Concept, Spectrum and Vision Plus helmets to enhance visibility in dark and low light conditions.

Like all VizLite DT products, the phosphorescent pigments in the stickers absorbs UV light such as sunlight or artificial fluorescent light, which is then re-emitted as an afterglow when in reduced light.

The stickers can be used in conjunction with Centurions high-intensity reflective stickers to provide enhanced visibility in all light conditions.

For more information please visit centurionsafety.eu 

Watch our video review of this product here 


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