We are very happy to announce that VizLite DT PRO FIRE has been recognised as a true innovation by the patent office

VizLite DT PRO FIRE is a fire trim that incorporates three technologies into one sew able tape, to increase the visibility of the wearer. These three technologies are Fluorescence for daytime conspicuity, retro-reflectivity for visibility by vehicle headlights and other light sources, and phosphorescence for visibility in low light and darkness.

VizLite DT PRO FIRE has taken the existing reflective and fluorescent qualities and combined them with a new layer of visibility, phosphorescence. 

The standard fire trims used on fire fighter turn-out gear is usually a mixture of reflective and fluorescent technologies either as separate or combined trims. The combined trims are often referred to as triple trim, and they are frequently used on fire fighter clothing. These trims normally have a fluorescent yellow stripe, a reflective stripe and a second fluorescent yellow stripe

Viz Reflectives have successfully introduced VizLite DT phosphorescent tapes to the fire market, it has been proven that the technology offers a significant improvement in visibility and therefore safety. Over 100,000 firefighters now use VizLite DT phosphorescence on their clothing in Germany, Australia, Turkey, Australia, and the UK, plus many other countries.

Firefighters need to be able to seen in all light conditions, not just when there is light present. VizLite DT PRO FIRE offers more protection than the current technology used. It is a product that has been developed solely to increase visibility of the wearer, while meeting the performance required by the industry.

The benefits of offering a combined reflective, fluorescent and photoluminescent product to increase visibility of firefighters is seen as a positive step and a real game-changer, and when demonstrating the product to end users, the reaction is always positive.

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