VizLite DT 7050
Polycotton based phosphorescent material with reflective tape

VizLite DT 7050 is certified to meet the EN 20471:2013, ANSI 107:2010 and can be used as retro-reflective material on garments which are to be certified to those standards.

Use of this configuration of phosphorescent and reflectivity ensures the wearer is visible from all sides, which is often referred to as 360° visibility, when used to encircle the torso, sleeves and trouser legs.

VizLite DT 7050 tapes are supplied with a single stitch line attaching each strip of the 10mm photo luminescent to the reflective tape. For instructions on how to apply this product please refer to the manufacturing instructions and the product data sheet.

  • Phosphorescent meets to ISO 17398
  • Certified to ISO EN 20471:2013 and ISEA/ANSI 107:2010
  • 50 x 40°C Domestic wash
  • Independently wash tested by Satra test house
  • Sew on material
  • Suitable for use on certified Hi Vis garments
  • 70mm width with 50.8mm reflective
  • Roll length 50 metres
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VizLite™ DT 7050 reflective material element is tested by SATRA in the UK to meet the following standards,

EN ISO 20471:2013 (High Visibility Warning Clothing)

ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 (High Visibility Safety Apparel)

VizLite™ DT 7050 photo luminescent element is tested by VTEC laboratories, New York to the following standard,

ISO 17398:2004 “Safety Colours and Safety Signs – Classification, Performance and Durability of Safety Signs” Clause 7.11

Average measurements taken from 3 samples of VizLite™ DT are as below,


VizLite DT 7050 is available in roll lengths of 50 metres. Other widths are available subject to minimum order quantities.