VizLite DT FRC
Proban® treated fire retardant phosphorescent material

DT-FRC is a 100% cotton substrate with a Proban® treatment making the materials suitable for use in the production of fire retardant garments and accessories that are required to meet the international standards listed.

VizLite DT®-FRC can be laundered up to 50 times in a domestic machine at 40°C without affecting FR or Glow performance.

This product can also be screen printed to produce identification tapes and badges. For more information on use and application please refer to the product data sheet and manufacturing instructions.

Suitable applications Fire Fighter Turn Out Gear, Arc Protection, Welding, Hot Processing, Search and Rescue, Oil and Gas, Military

  • Phosphorescent meets to ISO 17398
  • Passes BS EN 469, EN ISO 14116, EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612
  • Arc rated
  • Antistatic to BS EN 1149-3
  • Sew on material
  • Independently wash tested by Satra test house
  • 50 x 40°C Domestic wash
  • 100% Cotton base material with Proban finish
  • Can be screen printed
  • Available in roll widths od 10mm, 50mm and 70mm
  • Roll length 50 metres
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VizLite DT FRC is certified by SATRA test house in the UK to meet the following standards

EN 469:2005 – Limited Flame Spread: Pass

EN ISO 14116:2008 – Limited Flame Spread: Pass Index 3

EN ISO 11611:2015 – Limited Flame Spread: Pass A1

EN ISO 11612:2015: Pass A1


After subjection to x50 cleaning cycles to ISO 6330:2013, method 4N, 40°C

With low heat tumble-drying after each wash

VizLite DT FRC is certified by BTTG test house in the UK to meet the following standards

BS EN 1149-3 Induction decay Test method 2 (induction charging): Pass


VizLite DT FRC is certified by Arcwear test house in the US to meet the following standards

IEC 61482-1-1 Arc rating method A Open ARC: ATPV = 8.5 Cal/cm2 HAF = 73%

IEC 61482-1-2 Arc Protection Class- Box Method: Arc Protection Class 1

ASTM F1959- Arc rating per F1506 Woven, Knits or Non-woven


VizLite™ DT FRC Photo luminescent is tested by VTEC laboratories, New York to the following standard,

ISO 17398:2004 “Safety Colours and Safety Signs – Classification, Performance and Durability of Safety Signs” Clause 7.11

Average measurements taken from 3 samples of VizLite™ DT are as below,


VizLite DT FRC is available in three widths as standard, 70mm, 50mm and 10mm. The roll length is 50 metres. Other widths are available subject to minimum order quantities.