VizLite DT HA
Heat applied phosphorescent film

VizLite DT HA is a phosphorescent and reflective heat applied film that offers an innovative solution to garment branding.

This product uses phosphorescent technology that absorbs UV light from natural or artificial light which is then emitted as an “afterglow” in low or no light conditions. It also incorporates a layer of microscopic glass beads, that produce retro-reflective effects measuring up to 90 candelas.

  • Phosphorescent meets to ISO 17398
  • Reflective to 90 candelas
  • 50 x 60°C Domestic wash
  • Heat applied film
  • Can be screen printed and plotter cut to produce logos, badges and decals
  • PET base material
  • Available in roll widths of 100cm or 50cm
  • Roll length 50 metres
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VizLite™ DT PSA Photo luminescent is tested by VTEC laboratories, New York to the following standard,

ISO 17398:2004 “Safety Colours and Safety Signs – Classification, Performance and Durability of Safety Signs” Clause 7.11

Average measurements taken from 3 samples of VizLite™ DT are as below,

VizLite DT HA can be applied to garments using a heat press such as a Rowland or can be applied with the use of a Reliant heat laminator.

Standard widths availible are 10mm, 50mm and 50cm. Roll length is 50 metres.

VizLite DT HA can be screen printed and Cad cut to produce logos, badges and decals.

Full information is available on the VizLite DT HA Technical sheet in the downloads section.